Find out what makes Banja Luka so special?

With over half of our county designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty we have​ ​landscapes that are truly timeless. Step back into our history or take in some of our great outdoor​ ​activities and make your time for Banja Luka.​ ​

At this page you can find various activities and offers which we gladly prepared for you.​ ​

Do you like extreme sports, driving and motorsports, hunting, horse riding, water fun, fishing or​ ​you just want to get some fun-You are in the right place. Explore and enjoy in our rivers,​ ​fly over the city, take the city tour and drive with beautiful Dodge old-timer​​…These are just some of our offers which we are certain that you will be enjoying in. Embrace your life and enjoy in every moment.


Banja luka circuit

Put your driving skills on test If you love the thrill of getting behind the wheel or you would like […]

City sightseeing

Make a visit to Banja Luka, a town with the great open heart, love and hospitality, a town you will […]


If you like to enjoy in nature trapping and hunting wild animals, falconry, watching wild birds and gathering eggs and […]

Patrol taxi

If you wish to get to your destination quick, safe and easy, there is Patrol taxi. The Patrol Taxi is […]

Panoramic flights

Find out more about beautiful scenery of Banja Luka and surrounding areas from a different perspective and feel the adrenalin? […]

Walking and mauntaineering

Clear your mind and walk with us through the mountain paths. The murmur of water, singing of birds and echoes […]


Pliva, Janj, Ribnik i Sanica are the rivers where the fishermen keep coming back, because of good catches and because […]


Timeless landscapes beautiful nature, clean, green waters of river Vrbas, rumor of water and glimmer of light, rapids, cascades and […]

Rent a OldTimer

Make your own selfie for your recollection. Enjoy in unforgettable drive with the Dodge old-timer. In 2hr time make your […]


Skydiving over the stunning Banjaluka countryside is the experience of a lifetime and one that you will never forget. The […]

Horse riding

Press pause on your busy schedule and make time for a horse riding break in Banja Luka– whether you are looking […]


Team building is the combination of programs with a single purpose – to achieve better production, efficiency and success for […]


Want to feel and explore the trough nature of the wild waters, its waterfalls, rapids and waterfalls. Pliva and Vrbas rivers […]


Dajak boat is one of major symbols of our town on river Vrbas. Long, long time ago dajak were the […]



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